What is MORI?

MORI is a complete online system for managing your lodge's information. It includes complete roster management, lodge financials and dues tracking, and mailing list management.

What makes MORI different than MLSS is that it is an online application. When you use MORI you are actually using the Grand Lodge database. Once you start using MORI you will not need to send routine paperwork for registry updates to New York, because you have the ability to put them into the database directly yourself.

MORI is also the system that is used internally by Grand Lodge to run the registry deparment.

Why use MORI?

The main benefit of MORI is greatly decreased paperwork between your Lodge and the Grand Lodge office. You will be able to submit all routine registry events, such as initiated, passed, raised, address change, death notice, NPD, dimit, restore, and cleared events. Once you enter an event it is done.