Creating Your MORI Account

Where is MORI?

MORI is available using your web browser at:

Creating Your Account

The first step in using MORI is creating your account. On your organization's MORI page, listed above, use the menu to go to: Account -> Create Account. You will need your Grand Lodge/Chapter number, the number of a lodge/chapter to which you belong, and your birth date (not required in some installations). Step through the screens by filling in the forms and hitting the appropriate button at the bottom.

You will need to enter a password of your choice for your account, which must be a minimum of eight characters and a mixture of letters and numbers.

Why do we use a password and a key?

Once you have created your account, MORI will assign you an account key. This is an additional piece of information that is required to access your account. MORI uses this to create a more secure system, discouraging hackers from attempting to access the account due to the greater amount of information needed.

Getting and Inserting Your Key

After your account has been created, Grand Lodge/Chapter will mail you a letter containing your key. Once you have received the letter, go to your organizations MORI page. On the menu go to: Account -> Insert Key. Enter the key in the form, and click the button to insert the key into your browser.

You will only need to insert this key once to be able to access your account on MORI.

Note for advanced users: if you use multiple computers or web browsers to access MORI you will need to enter the key into each computer or web browser.

Logging in for the First Time

Once you have inserted your key, on the menu go to: Account -> Login. Fill in the form with your Grand Lodge number and the password that you created, and click the button.