“One database... one system... eliminate synchronization issues... automatically enforce your Constitution.”

MORI: The Masonic Online Registry Interface

MORI is a complete online fraternal membership management application for use by Masonic Bodies integrating Grand Body, subordinate body, and fundraising functions into a unified system. MORI can help your Grand Body eliminate errors, improve mailings, enforce your Constitution, and lower your operating expenses.

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  • Full in-house registry functions,
  • Subordinate body, district and region management,
  • Grand session reports package,
  • Mailing room functionality,
  • Fundraising module,
  • Complete log in system for secretaries of subordinate bodies to manage their lodge/chapter. Including:
    • Roster management
    • Grand Body registry interface (No more paper forms!)
    • Lodge/Chapter finance management
    • Dues tracking
    • Mailing lists


  • Unified System: MORI allows both Grand Body users and secretaries of subordinate bodies to use the same system. Using one system greatly simplifies the management of a Grand Body by eliminating synchronization issues, letting the secretaries do the data entry, and simplifying end of year reconciliation.
  • Eliminate Forms: MORI eliminates paper and other non-automated forms by allowing secretaries to log directly into the system and enter their own information. MORI enforces data security by only allowing users to see data for which they have permission and by keeping a complete audit trail of all secretarial registry actions.
  • USPS ACS: MORI is integrated with the US Postal Service’s Address Correction Service. Using ACS, MORI can automatically update addresses eliminating returned mail, and greatly reducing the cost of maintaining your mailing list. The average person moves 11 times in their life. MORI will greatly simplify the tracking of those moves.
  • Plural Members: MORI completely supports tracking of plural members and events related to them. MORI automatically enforces your Constitutional rules, greatly simplifying the handling of plural members. MORI automatically notifies secretaries of plural member should any change occur in the member’s status.
  • Mergers: MORI has complete support for mergers of subordinate bodies. MORI tracks the complete merger history of subordinate bodies and memberships. No longer will there be any question as to which ancestor body the member belonged.
  • Fundraising: MORI has a completely integrated fundraising system, greatly simplifying the crediting of donations, the tracking of donor information, and the maintaining of addresses.
  • Cost Savings: You can lower expenses by allowing secretaries to enter and manage their own information, by eliminating bad addresses from mailings, by eliminating paper and other non-automated forms, and by integrating fundraising.


MORI has been deployed in live operation since January of 2005 at the Grand Lodge of New York. For reference information please contact us.

Online Information:

Introductory slide show: [ View Online ]

Grand Lodge of New York case study slide show: [ View Online ]