Massachusetts 2010 Dues Instructions

As the oncoming dues season approaches, The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has asked us at Vita Rara Inc. to provide the lodge secretaries with a set of instructions to handle the change in Grand Lodge Per Capita Dues, setting up dues for the first time, continuing dues into a second and subsequent seasons, adding a contribution line to your dues notices for Demolay and Rainbow and setting up exchange accounts in your budget to process those contributions.

To go directly to the instructions for adding the contribution for DeMolay and Rainbow to your dues notices, click here.

Change in Grand Lodge Per Capita Dues Assessment

  1. Grand Lodge has increased their assessment to $29, plus an additional $1 for the George Washington Masonic Memorial for a total GL assessment of $30
  2. This increase is applied to all members who pay their Grand Lodge dues in your lodge.
  3. The total GL assessment of $30 should be added into your dues in MORI. MORI does not itemize your dues. We will go into further detail on this later in this letter.

Member Types
You will either need to create or edit your member types whether you are using MORI for dues for the first time or you have already gone through the Initialize Dues process.
There is a training video for this process at this web address:

    Creating a Member Type

    1. Begin by going to “Lodge” on the MORI menu and select “Member Types” from the drop down menu.
    2. This screen is divided into 2 sections. The top section displays existing member types and the bottom section is for adding new types.
    3. To create a new type go to the white text box next to “New Member Type” and enter the name of the type – such as “Regular”. To the right, enter the amount in the text box next to “Total Annual Dues.” Remember, this amount is your lodge's dues PLUS the Grand lodge assessment. For example, if your lodge's dues are $50 per year, you would put $80 in the “Total Annual Dues” field. TAD = Lodge Dues + GL Assessment.
    4. Click the “Add” button at the bottom.
    5. Continue adding member types until you have all of the different dues amounts payed by members listed on the screen. These may include but aren't limited to:
      1. Regular
      2. Life
      3. Over 65
      4. Hardship
      5. Honorarium (NOT Honorary)
    Editing an Existing Member Type

    1. Again, go to “Lodge” on the MORI menu and select “Member Types” from the drop down menu.
    2. In the upper portion of the screen under “Member Type” you will see five columns. “Member Type” “Total Annual Dues” “Rename Type” “Change Dues” and “Delete”.
    3. To change the dues amount go to the third column - “Change Dues”. In the row for the member type you would like to edit, enter the new amount for the Total Annual Dues. Remember, this amount is your lodge's dues PLUS the Grand lodge assessment.
    4. Click the update button in the last row of the “Member Types” section of the screen.
    Changing a member's Member Type

    1. Go to "Membership" on the MORI menu and select "Find Member"
    2. Perform a search for the member whose type you would like to change
    3. Click the "edit" button to the left of the member's name.
    4. On the Member Data tab, click on the drop down selector next to "Lodge Member Type"
    5. Select the appropriate member type from the drop down list.
    6. Click the "Save" button to save your work.

Starting Dues for First Time in MORI
You may view our training videos on the dues process at this web address:

  1. Follow steps for Creating Member Types above.
  2. After creating all your member types go to “Financial” on the MORI menu and select “Initialize Dues”.
  3. On this page there are 2 sections -”Active Members” and “Inactive Members” and 4 columns - “Member” “Member Type” “Total Arrears” and “Total Dues”.
  4. In the “Member Types” column select from the drop down for each member the appropriate type for that member.
  5. Click the update section at the bottom of the “Active Members” section of the screen. If you don't click “Update” your work will not be saved.
  6. Now, start entering in the outstanding dues and arrears. Arrears will be any dues outstanding for 2008 and prior. Dues, for now, are anything outstanding for 2009. 2009 dues will role over into arrears when you setup your dues for 2010. Right now we are just putting in outstanding balances.
  7. Click the “Update” button at the bottom of the “Active Members” section to save your work.
  8. Follow steps for “Continuing Dues for Second Season” below.

Continue Dues for Second Season
View our training videos on basic dues setup at this web address:

  1. Go to “Financial” on the MORI menu and select “Setup Dues”.
  2. Note the red box warning you to confirm the amounts on the “Member Types” screen are correct.
  3. 3.If you have not yet updated the amounts for your dues, follow the instructions above for “Editing an Existing Member Type”.
  4. 4.Once you are certain all your member types have the correct Total Annual Dues, enter “2010” into the field beneath “Setup Dues”.
  5. Click the “Setup” button at the bottom.

Creating Dues Notices and Adding Demolay and Rainbow Donation Line
Grand Lodge has asked that all lodges include a line on their dues notices requesting a contribution for Demolay and Rainbow. This is a voluntary contribution with no specific amount. Demolay and Rainbow contributions should not be included in Total Annual Dues.

View a training video about creating dues notices at this web address:

  1. Go to “Lodge” on the MORI Menu and select “Dues Notices.”
  2. You will see the form is divided down the middle. On the left side is the “Edit” section and on the right side is the “Preview” section. When you make changes in the Edit section you will be able to see how they will look on the final dues notice in the Preview section. The names, addresses and amounts owed will be automatically entered into the dues notices from the information you have already put in MORI.
  3. Each line in the edit section of the screen has a unique color. That color highlights the corresponding text in the Preview section to show which part of the notice you are editing.
  4. The first portion of the dues notice you will edit is the “Dues Payable Date”. Enter the appropriate date in the box.
  5. The “Description” portion is where you add requests for additional funds. Use the first box -light blue- to enter the following text: “Contribution for Demolay and Rainbow”.
    i.Use the other two lines to request contributions for any other funds or charities your lodge may collect for such as a lodge building fund, Fellowcraft Club or the Masonic Home.
  6. Use the two lines in the “Instructions” section to tell members how to make out their checks and where to send them.
  7. Click “Save” under the Edit portion when you have completed your changes.
  8. Click “Print” under the Preview section when you are ready to print. You will see this screen:
  9. In area one select “all”.
  10. In area 2, only sort by zip code if you have a large mailing and a bulk mail permit.
  11. Area 3 allows you to print either 3 notices to a page or 1 per page – either at the top or bottom.
    1. If you wish to include a letter or an itemized description of the dues, print one notice per page and use a word processing program to create the additional content.
    2. In the additional content leave 1/3 of the page blank.
    3. Print the additional content first.
    4. Put the paper back in the printer oriented properly for your printer.
    5. Print the dues notices.
  12. Click “preview notices” when you are ready to see what your dues notices look like and print them. This will open a PDF document. You must have a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat to use a PDF document.
  13. If the notices look correct, print the document created when you clicked preview notices.
  14. If you wish to print labels, click the “preview labels” button. You will get another PDF document. If they look correct, print them out on Avery 5160/8160 label stock.
      -NOTE- Be sure to turn OFF page scaling in your printing preferences. Because there area a variety of operating systems, programs that can use PDF documents and printers, we are unable to give you specific instruction on how to do this. However, it is necessary in order to get the labels to line up correctly on the label stock.
      15.If you use windowed #10 envelopes, the address on the dues notice will appear in the window.

Creating Exchange Accounts in Budget for Demolay and Rainbow Contributions
This section will help you set up accounts to receive in and then pay out contributions sent in by your members for Demolay and Rainbow or any other charities or funds that members may send contributions for.

There is a training video for the budget functions of MORI at this web address:

  1. Go to “Financial” on the MORI menu and select “Budget”.
  2. This screen is broken into three sections. “Income Categories,” “Budget Categories” and “Budget Items”.
  3. First you need to create an account to receive the contributions into. In the Income Categories Section under “Description” you will see a category already created for Dues. Under dues enter the name for your new category. In this case “Contributions for Demolay and Rainbow.”
  4. To the right is the amount column. Enter “0” into the amount.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “update”.

Now you need to create an account to pay the money out. To do this, you will have to create a budge category and then a budget item. Budget categories are broad categories that have specific items assigned to them.

  1. In the Budget Category section under “Description” Type “Exchange”.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “update”.
  3. Scroll to the third section; “Budget Items”.
  4. Under “Description” in the Budget Items section type “Demolay and Rainbow”.
  5. To the right under “Category” select “Exchange” from the drop down list.
  6. Further to the right under “Amount” enter “0”.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click update again.

You will now be able to enter member payments for the Demolay and Rainbow contributions and write vouchers to forward those contributions to Grand Lodge.

For additional training materials go to: and

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