The Budget

The budget features of MORI allow you to track your income and your expenses. The financial information of your lodge is only viewable by the secretary and any assistant secretaries that he may have authorized. Nobody at Grand Lodge or from any other lodge is able to see any of your financial data.

The budget is linked to vouchers, member payments and non-member payments. Whenever you process a transaction on one of these screens, it will be applied to your budget once you have set it up.

One word of caution, NEVER under any circumstances set up a dues or arrears related income category. There is already an automatically generated dues category which is linked to the dues processing within MORI. Any other dues category you may create would not be linked to the dues processing and would not be calculated properly.

Watch the screencast below for details on setting up and managing your budget.

We strongly recommend using the Quicktime formatted videos due to the quality and smaller file size. We do provide the Windows Media Player version for those without the Quicktime player, but it is not recommended. To get the Quicktime player go here and download it.

Manage Your Budget
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