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Mail Room - Reports and Labels

This edition of the MORI Screencasts, or as we will be calling them from now on, the MORI Training Videos, we discuss the use of the Mail Room Reports/Labels function.

Use this function to generate mailing labels, contact lists, birthday/age reports and .dbf (database) files that you can edit and sort yourself for your own need.

Watch the videos to get details on how this feature of MORI works. Our next Training Video will discuss how to manage bad addresses and mailing lists.

Massachusetts 2010 Dues Instructions

As the oncoming dues season approaches, The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has asked us at Vita Rara Inc. to provide the lodge secretaries with a set of instructions to handle the change in Grand Lodge Per Capita Dues, setting up dues for the first time, continuing dues into a second and subsequent seasons, adding a contribution line to your dues notices for Demolay and Rainbow and setting up exchange accounts in your budget to process those contributions.


Vouchers are used to authorize the disbursement of funds. MORI can create printable vouchers that can be categorized and applied to your budget. You should have your budget set up in order to get the full value of the voucher system in MORI.

View the screencast below to learn the specifics of creating, categorizing, editing and voiding vouchers.

The Budget

The budget features of MORI allow you to track your income and your expenses. The financial information of your lodge is only viewable by the secretary and any assistant secretaries that he may have authorized. Nobody at Grand Lodge or from any other lodge is able to see any of your financial data.

The budget is linked to vouchers, member payments and non-member payments. Whenever you process a transaction on one of these screens, it will be applied to your budget once you have set it up.

Recording Member Payments

Recording a member payment is a simple operation but it needs to be done with care. A few things you need to know; you MUST click the find button when changing member records. A common mistake is entering a payment for the wrong person because you didn't click find.

If you do enter a payment incorrectly, it cannot be deleted. You may only enter in a voiding transaction in the negative amount. This is to maintain a reliable audit trail whereby the auditor can be confident no transactions have been deleted.

Entering a Foreign Affiliate

This edition of the MORI screencasts covers the newly modified Add Foreign Affiliate screen. This new screen simplifies the entering of information and the communication between your Grand Lodge and you concerning the progress of the petition.
Remember, a foreign affiliate does not need to be from a foreign country. "Foreign" in Masonic speak means anyone from outside your grand jurisdiction. So, if you're in the Grand Lodge of New York, then somebody from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts would be a "foreigner."

Starting Your Dues in MORI

This series of screencasts will help those of you who are running your lodge's dues on MORI for the first time. The first few steps will take some time and focus. However, if you follow the instructions carefully and take your time, you'll be setting up a system that will simplify managing your dues for years to come.

Creating Member Types

Setup Dues and Dues Notices

Once you've gone through the process of creating and assigning member types and initializing your dues you just have two quick steps before you can start stuffing your envelopes. You need to setup your dues for the oncoming year and configure your dues notices.

These two screencasts will take you through these time saving steps.

Setup Dues for the Oncoming Year

The Member Screen

The Member Screen is the first screen most users will interact with. It allows you to find members and edit their records, add new members and affiliates, add foreign affiliates and print a lodge roster.

Below are three screencasts to introduce you to the Member Screen and it's basic functions.

Getting Started

For those of you new to MORI, you need to create an account. In order to create an account you must be recognized as Secretary of your lodge/chapter, set up as Assistant Secretary by your lodge/chapter's secretary, the Grand Secretary or work in some other capacity recognized by your Grand Jurisdiction as needing access to MORI.

If you don't fill one of these positions, you are currently not authorized to obtain a MORI account. If you do fill one of those positions and still can't create your account, call your Grand Lodge and confirm that they have updated your status.
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